T-shirts are one of the must-have fashion staples for everyone. They are versatile, comfortable, and stylish, making them perfect for men and women. Look around, and you will spot people wearing plain, branded, graphic, baggy, or even fades tees. But the truth is there is always that one person who looks great in t-shirts every other day. Check out these secrets for looking great in tees.

Choose the right fabric.

The fabric of the t-shirt is a crucial aspect of determining its quality. The material has to be quality if you want to look good in a shirt. For instance, two T-shirts may be similar in design and color, but the one with better quality will look much better on you. T-shirts are either made of 100% cotton or a cotton-poly blend. Other fabrics such as linen blends, jerseys, merino, Pima, etc., can also serve you better. Whatever material, avoid t-shirts that tend to be lightweight and super thin. Go for quality cotton tees for a good look.

Opt for neutral colors

You can never go wrong with neutral-colored tees. Such tones tend to complement any skin tone and can go with any outfit. Gray, white, black, and navy are some of the popular neutral colors to go with. It is best to begin with dark tones before you can experiment with brighter colors. The best thing about t-shirts is that you can style them with almost any outfit and shoes.

Entire your tee is pristine.

T-shirts are the most common form of casual wear, and you don’t want to reduce the formality even further. Avoid faded and discolored tees if you can. It is best to opt for a pristine good looking tee for that timeless look. It can be tempting to stick with your favorite steel city brand tee even after heavy wear but keep in mind that even rushing out to the mall is worth wearing a clean, crisp tee. Get rid of tees with stains and holes. Also, your old tees don’t need to go to waste as you can use them for other cleaning duties in the house.

Know your body type

Higher chances are that the first t-shirt you try on will not flatter your body type very well. For instance, if you are a tout man, you know very well that a tight-fitting tee will not hide the extra weight in your midsection. If you are skinny, a tight tee might accentuate the leanness of your arms and torso. But keep in mind that a t-shirt can make you look good even without a muscular physique. When choosing a tee, especially for men, pay attention to your body type and keep looking until you get one that flatters your body type.

Nail the fit

Do not buy a t-shirt too big or too small for you. It must conform to your body shape and must be comfortable for you to move around. Ensure the tee drapes well over your chest and follows the curve of your torso. You can also get it tailored to achieve a good fit.

The takeaway

Ensure you buy good quality tees that do not fade or overstretch after washing.

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