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Best Womens Dresses to Look Hot This Winter – Ladies Fashion Points!

Winter is at its peak. Cool breeze, white snow and the long nights are raising the demand for warm apparels. You can either buy the same style you wear every season or...

4 Anti-Cold Clothes to pick up at Uniqlo this winter

Until Jan 21th, you can try to win your Uniqlo order! To take advantage of this contest that would allow you to spoil yourself or your loved ones, Elise has selected some...

Top Trousers For Men To Style As Modern Day Formals

A shiny new pair of Oxfords or a succinct blazer will no doubt be heading your priority list when it comes to formal wear, however, did you know that a proper pair...

Saree Petticoat – Buying Guide

Petticoats are the under skirts that women wear to support their sarees. They are the base of and hence very important. The sheer and beautiful look in a saree is because of them. ...

Hoodies – The Stylish Piece of Clothing

Has it ever occurred to you that you pick out a hoodie after thinking all too much on a not so bright and boring day? Well, yes everybody has been through the...
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