5 Reasons to Spoil Yourself with a New Sweatshirt

5 Reasons to Spoil Yourself with a New Sweatshirt

I was doing some research for an article the other day when I ran across the website of a New York-based LatinX apparel brand known as Plurawl. I did some digging around and liked what I saw. I was especially intrigued by a couple of customer reviews that proclaimed how amazingly comfortable their Plurawl sweatshirts were.

For the record, I don’t need a new sweatshirt. It’s July (at the time of this writing). I live in the deep south. Yet I wanted one. So I spent the better part of 20 minutes looking for solid reasons to justify a purchase. I won’t tell you whether I actually took the plunge, but I will tell you five of the reasons I came up with. Maybe one of them will work for you.

  1. 1. Going on Vacation

Summer is vacation time in North America. The kids are off from school and all the tourist traps are open. If you are planning to get out there before summer is over, perhaps you will run into me and my wife. We have our own vacation plans that we are truly looking forward to.

I’ve been thinking and I realize that it can get kind of chilly on the beach at night. Those long walks enjoying stars and surf could require an extra layer on top. Bingo! We are taking a beach vacation. I could use a new sweatshirt before we head out.

  1. 2. Fall Is Coming

I told myself that I didn’t need a new sweatshirt because it’s July. But then I realized that it won’t be July forever. In fact, by the time we get back from vacation, fall will just be eight short weeks away. Those fall nights can get chilly where I live. And yes, I love being outdoors at night.

I do have three or four sweatshirts in my closet. I could get by without a new one. But all of them are at least a few years old. They are starting to show their age. Now would be a good time to get something fresh and new for fall.

  1. 3. Work Is Handing Out Bonuses

I had almost talked myself out of buying a new sweatshirt for fall when I remembered that bonus from work. The way my wife and I see it, bonuses shouldn’t be spent on paying the bills. Bonus money is for bonus stuff. So here’s what I can do: use part of my bonus to buy two new sweatshirts. One for me and the other for the little lady. Perhaps that will earn me some points.

  1. 4. Small Businesses Deserve Support

I could buy a new sweatshirt and do so altruistically. How? By justifying my purchase with a claim of supporting small business. Look, I am a small business owner myself. I appreciate every single customer who purchases from me. I’m sure Plurawl would appreciate it if I bought a sweatshirt or two. Supporting them with my business helps them keep the lights on. There is nothing wrong with that.

  1. 5. Because It’s There

For my final reason, I invoked the wisdom of English mountaineer George Mallory who, in 1923, explained to the New York Times why he was so willing to scale Mount Everest. He said, “Because it’s there.” I am no George Mallory and buying a new sweatshirt pales in comparison to his feats. Still, that Plurawl sweatshirt just sits there and waits.

Will I buy it or will I not? You will never know. But at least you’ll know the mental machinations I went through just to figure out what to do. It is how I roll.

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