Anti-Cellulite treatment: 3 methods to test

Anti-Cellulite treatment: 3 methods to test

Almost all the women across the world share a common problem – Cellulite. The dimple skin which no one wants but everyone has to live with it. If you are embarrassed about cellulite showing in different parts of your body, then it is easy to get rid of it. All you need to do is get an anti-cellulite treatment from a trustworthy dermatologist or a skin clinic. There are many great treatments available today that utilize the latest advancements in cosmetology and provide you the desired smooth skin which you have always wished for. Having minimum to no cellulite showing on your body is essential for many people who want to rock that new bikini they bought or want to look perfect in that new dress for a special occasion. Cosmetic therapies and treatments for cellulite removal or reduction does help you in boosting your confidence.

Why should one go for anti-cellulite treatment?

The leading causes that cause cellulite to develop can mostly be linked to your bad lifestyle habits. These could be lack of physical exercise, heavy drinking and smoking apart from the usual medical conditions like liver malfunctions, hereditary, stress, hormonal issues or circulatory issues. Most people associate cellulite with only cosmetic problems however, it has been scientifically proven and medically noted that cellulite can also harm your health by:

  • Affecting your blood circulation by decreasing blood flow to the area
  • Promote hypersensitivity of skin in the affected tissue
  • Cause pain in the underlying region
  • Augment skin problems in extreme cases

Some anti-cellulite treatment that do not require you to go to a clinic or the doctor are easy to guess. Having a balanced diet that contains raw food and dietary fibers coupled with fruits and vegetables helps a lot in keeping a healthy skin. It goes without saying that exercising will also keep your skin in perfect conditionjust the way you want it – toned and flawless.

Tested and proven anti-cellulite treatment for you

 It is essential to consult a doctor, preferably a dermatologist to get a real picture of how much cellulite damage your skin has taken so far. According to your condition, the doctor will recommend any of the following treatments for your cellulite:

  • Acoustic wave therapy – This anti-cellulite treatment requires several sessions however; studies have shown promise in this method to treat the regions where you can see cellulite on your body
  • Laser treatments – there are multiple types of laser treatments available for patients wanting to get rid of their cellulite however, the most effective as of today is the trademarked “Cellulaze” treatment. This method not only breaks the toughened skin underneath that makes cellulite visible, but also thickens the skin that has become thin due to presence of cellulite. Studies have shown that patients are reporting the effects of this treatment lasting longer than a year.
  • Precise tissue release through vacuum – Although not completely non-intrusive, this treatment has shown promise as it results in the patient not having an episode of cellulite showing in the affected area for up to 3 years. The dimpled skin is more or less eliminated through this procedure.

The anti-cellulite treatment that you go through can be augmented if you massage the area regularly. A simple massage using a dry brush or specialized rollers can improve the blood circulation in the area and excess fluids under the skin can be removed that makes the skin toned and dimple free. Retinol based creams also help you thicken your skin and the cellulite under the skin can be hidden. Please not that this won’t eliminate the cellulite only cover it after regular application of at least six months.

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