Saree Petticoat – Buying Guide

Petticoats are the under skirts that women wear to support their sarees. They are the base of and hence very important.

The sheer and beautiful look in a saree is because of them.  I believe this also should be the reason for things to keep in mind with a saree petticoat.

So today, I will tell you things you should look for while getting a saree petticoat

Topics will be:

  • Comfort
  •  Fabric
  • Colours
  •  Colours contrast
  • The length and the right fit
  •    Which one to get tie or zipper or elastic?
  •   Keep it simple
  • Conclusion
  • Comfort:

While doing your safee petticoat makes sure that you are comfortable. While trying it make sure you feel comfortable in it, what I meant is that the petticoat should not be too loose or too tight.

Too tightly tuck the petticoat will hurt you and will leave marks and can also create stomach problems, and your movement in tight petticoat is very hard.

And it also should not be too loose as the major risk in it is that it can come undone (well we know we do not want that happening with anyone).  While doing your saree petticoat make sure it is not too tight or loose.

  •  Fabric:

While choosing a saree petticoat for yourselves, always make sure you buy the petticoat with fabric that is not uncomfortable at all.

If the fabric and you do not go together you might as well need to throw that petticoat away. The petticoats come in so many fabrics so you need to choose wisely. 

Cotton is your fiend for daily wear but they differ from them the type of saree you wear.  For sheer sarees satin and silk petticoats are proffered.

You have different options to choose from, i would say choose a fabric which you know you can wear.

  •  Colours:

Next most important thing while buying a petticoat is to get the right colour.

 If your petticoat shines through saree the petticoat colour is wrong, if your petticoat does not complement saree then again the colour is wrong. Sometimes it gets very complicated to get the right colour for your saree.

It is why when buying a saree petticoat it is very important to take the saree with you so you get the right colour. The colour that compliments the main colour and hidden designs of the saree.

  • Color Contrast:-

Contrast in saree petticoats is also in fashion and it is very trendy. If you are a person who likes to experiment with clothes then you should definitely try this. You can choose different colour petticoats to go with your saree.

They look cool and funky. Colour contrast will make you stand out and will also help you make a fashion statement if you like to dress up and do something fun with the clothes.

You can go a little crazy here, do not worry too much! 

  •  The length and the right fit:

The perfect length of a saree petticoat is ankle length which is half inch shorter than your actual saree. It should not be larger than that otherwise it will get stuck in the heel or will create problems while walking, and also not too short otherwise it will be seen through the saree.

The wrong fit of the petticoat is the reason for all the embarrassing moments with saree.

For petticoats there were wide skirts earlier but now more people wear slim fit petticoat skirts. They are hassle free and free you the problem of the wide skirts

Slim fit petticoats are the reason behind the slim fit sheer look. Also are so much recommended for the saree that are seen through.

  • Which one to get tie or zipper or elastic?

Normal petticoat: This is the traditional type of petticoat. It comes with both a wide skirt and slim skirt. It has a string on the waist band. This is the most trusted type of petticoat and so many women are using it but the biggest drawback of it is that it leaves marks on the stomach.

Zipper and Elastic: They are used in fish cut petticoats and layered petticoats. There are the petticoats that have zippers in them or elastic. Some women prefer zippers and some elastic. While making it, it is the preference of the women. They get what they find more reliable and comfortable.

You need to choose the one in which you are more comfortable.

  • Keep it simple:

It is your saree petticoat, keep it in mind. With a saree petticoat you can go a little funky but do not go overboard. With the length and the fabric can make you look super or can make you a blooper also. Do till in limit and so that you get through with saree without any embarrassing moments.


First, I hope you find the article helpful, if so please save the page.

Second, I hope I did not miss out on anything. As I covered the most important things you should keep in mind while buying saree petticoat. Sometimes you can go funky with it and do not have to strictly follow the rules.

But keep in mind the things i state in the article. In my opinion they are the key to

#how to not embarrass yourself in a party or while wearing a saree. And make sure to play safe.

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