Tips for planning the renovation of your bathroom

Tips for planning the renovation of your bathroom

What is the number one place in the house that the homeowners love to renovate? If you think it is the kitchen, then think again. The space is smaller; hence it is easier to get the job done. Additionally, the reduced volume brings down the cost because of less flooring and fewer cabinets. If you haven’t guessed it yet, we are talking about the bathroom. Bathroom renovation is a simple, cost-effective, and smooth process. For homeowners who are not acquainted with the whole endeavor, we have some great tips that you could use to plan your entire activity.

What to do if the bathroom is small?

Do you feel the bathroom is too small? Are you looking for some easy ways to make your bathroom appear bigger? There are different techniques that you could use to get the results you need.

  • User more mirrors – Want to know the best thing about mirrors? They add virtual space to the whole room. Adding more mirrors at the right angles will make the bathroom seem more spacious than it is.
  • Adjust the size with color – The lighter the color spectrum of your bathroom, the bigger it will look. Dark colors make even big bathrooms look smaller and claustrophobic. White or off-white is your best bet.
  • Recessed areas are key – Think about the soap dishes, the medicine cabinet and the toilet roll holder. Not only do these small items protrude out and limit movement, but these also occupy unnecessary space that could be carved into the walls themselves, thus giving the user more room for movement.

Does your old house have dingy bathrooms?

Is it true that your guests complain of your bathroom being a little scary? Do you feel it is always humid inside your bathroom? If yes, then it is time to give an urgent makeover to your bathroom. You will find these tips helpful on your next bathroom renovation project.

  • Bathroom lights matter – This is a space where you want to inspect every bit of your hair or your face regularly hence, it is imperative to have the whole room well lit. The least you should do is fill the area around the looking mirror with lights.
  • Ventilation – If your bathroom does not have a proper window fix an exhaust fan. If your bathroom has a window, ensure that there is enough daylight coming in. sunshine is your bathroom’s best friend if you wish to remove any humidity.
  • Plants – Can’t make a window or add more lights? Why don’t you add a few plants to the space? Plants add living color to your bathroom. A floating shelf with a couple of pots is enough for a small bathroom. For bigger spaces, however, your imagination is the limit.

What about decorating the floor of the bathroom?

Are you into colorful bathroom floors with magical patterns? Do you prefer bathroom floors made of wood? Depending on your preference, there is a lot that you could do with the floor of your bathroom.

  • Choose the right flooring – While the idea of a wooden floor does add character to the bathroom, it might not be the best choice for a space that almost always remains damp. Pick the flooring that can stand the daily water usage. Do you have a strict budget? Use colorful tiles. Can you spend extend your budget? Use luxurious vinyl planks and sheets.
  • Protect the walls – While flooring might be able to withstand the daily rigors of water damage, the walls remain exposed. Use beadboard or tiles in the lower section of the walls, about three to four feet from the ground. These protect the walls from water splashes and also add to the design and character of the bathroom.

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