Virgin Almond and Coconut Oils are worth using these Winters

Virgin Almond and Coconut Oils are worth using these Winters

Like a large part of oils, almond oil has found many uses in cosmetics. Moisturization is a common part of all of them, but almond seed oil is also very well absorbed and can be used in many ways.

Almond oil smells beautiful and sweet, but these are not all its advantages. It contains mineral salts, proteins, magnesium and vitamins from A, B, D and E families necessary for the human body – thanks to which it copes well with problems with dry and tense skin.

TNW Almond oil has gained popularity due to its sweet scent – for many years it has been used in aromatherapy and as an ingredient in perfumes. It has found its application in SPA salons, where it is used for massage. Not only does it smell beautiful, but also moisturizes, nourishes and is well absorbed, without leaving an oily layer.

The TNW Virgin Almond oil from The Natural Wash itself can also be used for hair oiling; just rub it into your hair, wait a few minutes and then rinse. Oil the skin in a similar way (especially in the driest places, such as elbows or heels).

It is an emollient that prevents dehydration of skin cells by retaining water inside them. It also protects the skin against the influence of external factors such as wind, sun and frost. It restores its lost glow, removes dead skin cells, soothes irritations and deeply moisturizes.

This oil also has the magic of the almonds themselves: it improves blood circulation and memory, helps lower cholesterol levels and has a positive effect on the condition of the nails.

Why is it worth using virgin almond oil?

  • spreads easily and absorbs quickly;
  • restores skin radiance;
  • removes dead cells and deeply moisturizes;
  • soothes irritations and is gentle;
  • can slow down skin aging;
  • it has a beautiful nutty scent.

Massage for stretch marks

While bathing, use a scrub around the area where your stretch marks are. Sprinkle the oil on your hands (don’t spare) and start patting it on the slightly damp skin. Rub the oil in with very quick circular movements, creating heat against the skin until all the substance is absorbed. If you repeat this treatment every day, you will see improvement after two months.

TNW Almond Oil and TNWCoconut oil both have the healing and moisturizing properties and, coconut oil is the best ingredient for slimming. It has many health, skin and hair benefits. You can consider the virgin coconut oil if you want to control the obesity or if you are overweight, because coconut oil does not increase the unnecessary fat cells but can be used as the energy source to burn the fat cells and calories. Some specialists are of a different opinion. Check if coconut oil is healthy and what properties it really has.

Coconut has the ability to speed up the process of re-epithelialization of the wound area. It also increases the activity of antioxidant enzymes and stimulates a greater cross-linking of collagen fibers in the repaired tissue. Studies show that coconut oil has a strengthening effect on traditional therapies and speeds up the healing of burn wounds.

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