What to Look for When Buying a Multiway Bra: The Only Bra Buying Guide You Need

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When buying lingerie, it’s a good idea to buy some staples that lend versatility to your wardrobe. For instance, within one day, you may need to go from wearing a racerback T-shirt to a strapless dress in a matter of hours. 

You may not always have the luxury of changing your lingerie. This is why adding some versatile bras to your lingerie collection brings convenience and a hassle-free experience to your fashion experiments.

In this article, we explore why your wardrobe can benefit from multiway bras, one of the most versatile pieces of lingerie. Also, how to wear and shop for multiway bras online

What Is a Multiway Bra?

Unlike regular bras, a multiway bra comes with detachable straps. The benefit of having a bra with detachable straps is that you can wear it in so many ways, changing it up to suit many different types of outfits. 

For instance, when you detach the straps completely, it transforms into a strapless bra. If a night out is in plans and you want to show off your shoulders, this is the perfect bra for the occasion. Not only does it serve the look, It offers enough support to make you feel comfortable, and your bustline looks seamless.  

4 Ways to Wear a Multiway Bra 

The best part about a multiway bra is that you can wear it in many different ways. Here are four common ways to experiment with it:

  • Detach the straps and go completely strapless. This is perfect to be worn with tube tops, off-shoulder, and strapless dresses. 
  • You can use just one strap if you are planning to wear a dress for a top with a halter neckline. Extend it to its fullest length, and let it go around the neck. 
  • If you want to develop a style, attach the straps in a criss-cross manner on the back. The style looks great with racerback t-shirts and dresses that give a peek of the back. 
  • You can replace the colored straps with transparent ones, which create an illusion of invisibility. This style complements spaghetti tops. Also, when wearing blouses or dresses made of sheer fabric or lace. 

How to Shop for A Multiway Bra

When you buy a bra online, there are a number of things to keep in mind. 

  • If you are looking for more emphasis on the bust line, you can go for a padded multiway bra.
  • If you are looking for more support, you can go for a wired bra. However, if you can do without additional support and comfort is a priority, then a non-wired bra will do. 
  • When buying a bra online, make sure that the fit is good. Use a measuring tape to measure the perimeter of your bus line, then double-check the dimensions of the bra. 
  • Make sure that the straps are not too loose to too tight to avoid a sloppy look. Your bra must fit snugly and make you feel comfortable. 
  • The straps must also be easy to attach and detach. 

Wrapping Up

Multiway bras come in many colors and fabrics. Choose the right one for you based on your preferences and needs.

Today you can buy a wide range of bras online within your budget. Once you have added some multiway bras to your wardrobe, feel free to experiment and wear those bold clothes sans any self-consciousness and inhibitions. 

So go ahead, live it up, and flaunt your style!

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