Which Clothing is Best for Sun Protection

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Most people have pretty good idea of what type of clothing to pack for sun protection. That is not the same thing as “packing for the sun”, precisely because there are many more circumstances where you need sun protection besides sunny days. Bulk supplier of sunglasses Olympic Eyewear say that their products are popular all your round precisely because the dangers of UV radiation and other sun-related problems such as visibility when driving or doing activities are present all your round. 

When it comes to sun protective clothes, we can talk about the types of clothing items that provide shade, such as sun hats and so on. Nevertheless, we can also talk about the type of fabrics which are used and how these can protect skin from UV radiation and other effects of sunshine. Moreover, when it comes to face wear, the most important thing is, of course, protecting your eyes. For this, a good pair of UV-cancelling sunglasses are advised. Or, if you are doing winter activities,visibility and comfort becomes an issue too. 

Taking Your Top Off

When the weather is hot – or if you’re doing vigorous activity, such as playing sports – the temptation is always there to take your top off or reduce the clothing you’re wearing. While sunscreen can allow for this, it is also wise to consider covering your skin as a means of protection from the sun. Certainly, if you’re doing a long activity like hiking, you should not have your skin exposed. This problem doesn’t stop there though. 

In fact, UV can penetrate clothing. This can happen to different degrees, and accordingly there are some clothing types which are much better than others when it comes to protecting your skin for the rays of the sun – on either hot or cold days. Thus, you should be sure to keep your top on.Nevertheless, what type of top matters a lot too. 

Best Clothing for Sun Protection. 

Here follows some clothing types and materials thatare useful for when the sun poses a threat. 

Dense Fabric 

Here’s the interesting thing about UV. Many layers of clothing doesn’t actually mean it will not penetrate through. In fact, this can have a near-negligible effect on the amount of UV which actually reaches the skin. Instead of layers, it is the weave of the fabric that will protect you. Andif the weather’s hot, you cannot wear many layers anyway. 

Light Colors 

As well as keep you cooler by reflecting more light, lighter colored clothing will reflect more UV as well. UV rays are less likely to reach your skin if you dress brightly. However, some bright colors can also absorb a lot of UV, with the classic case here being red. 

Synthetic Materials 

Synthetic materials like polyester and nylon are more effective at blocking UV radiation than natural fabrics like cotton or wool. This is all down to their greater density (of the material, not the weave). 

Looser Clothes 

Loose clothes are great for UV protection. If a fabric is stretched, then itsdensity diminishes, and more UV radiation can penetrate. When it’s loose,it is at its maximum density. Nonetheless, this isn’t the only advantage; looser clothes promote air circulation over your skin, keeping you cooler on hot days. 

Dry Clothes 

When clothes are wet, they typically take on a lower UPF, meaning that more UV radiation will reach the skin. This is because the water can conduct the UV radiation. 

As these qualities of good UV-resistant clothing show, there is little restriction on fashion here. Most often, it isabout the type of fabric and its condition.


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