4 Anti-Cold Clothes to pick up at Uniqlo this winter

4 Anti-Cold Clothes to pick up at Uniqlo this winter

Until Jan 21th, you can try to win your Uniqlo order! To take advantage of this contest that would allow you to spoil yourself or your loved ones, Elise has selected some items that keep you warm.

As the days go by and we carry more and more towards the winter (and Christmas, in case you happen to forget it) there is perhaps something that we have in common with you and me: the love for warmth, the true one.

I have a good Uniqlo plan that will make you happy, whether you are the cold team yourself or that you want to cover your entourage with both gifts and a good down jacket!

Gold orders, when Uniqlo refunds your purchases

No, this is not an ultimate remake of A Golden Family, but a contest organized by Uniqlo! From 4 to 17 December 2017, if you order online on the brand’s website, you can try to win your basket! On Mondays 11 and 18 December, 10 winners will be drawn and notified by mail! For information, Uniqlo refunds your basket up to 130 €. Sympatoche no? If you do not know which clothes to go to, you can count on me to point you to safe values ​​that would be cool to win!

Here are four items that will keep you warm to the body like a good tartiflette:

A Uniqlo top that keeps you warm, in Heattech

The Heattech is this technical fabric that is super-hot, just choose the degree of intensity. I have one that does not leave me for two years (Ultra Warm degree). As soon as I spend a day outside wallowing in the snow, I wear it and I do not lose an arm in passing, which is pretty cool, we will agree. Do not hesitate to pair it with a good leggings of the same range, it’s the combo top toupee!

Heattech high socks

If you too are chilly on the knee or you know someone who is struck by this curse (or I’m a hairy drama today), here are the high socks you need. If it’s not your cam, there are plenty of other shorter models on the site, some with excellent winter scenery.

A good cashmere sweater

Cashmere wool is a classic on the scale of heat, a noble material that is often very expensive. Until December 13, 2017, the price of this sweater is 69, 90 € instead of 79, 90 € on the site Uniqlo, so this is the opportunity to test it. If you know someone who loves wool, this is a very nice gift to do alone or with others depending on the wallet. Or to ask!

The undeniable jacket

I have the impression that the jacket is the fang of the garment: everyone agrees on the fact that it does the job but aesthetic side, either we like it, or we hate it. You may have seen my video How to be hot with style? , in which I speak to you about the technique of the jacket, which for me is a first step towards a possible resolution of the debate.

Indeed, the best trick in the world is to wear a sleeveless under his coat and believe me you’re at the top of your life: you’re hot and at the same time it remains invisible!

Here are my essentials Uniqlo to be hot this season, I hope it gave you solutions to not be cold or to share with your loved ones the pleasure of not freezing them!

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Do you know these Uniqlo clothes? What do you think? Which would you recommend to the cold team of comments?

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