Hoodies – The Stylish Piece of Clothing

Hoodies – The Stylish Piece of Clothing

Has it ever occurred to you that you pick out a hoodie after thinking all too much on a not so bright and boring day? Well, yes everybody has been through the same situation at least once in their life or so. Well, have you ever wondered why of all of the clothes sitting in your closet you choose the hoodie? And to think about that, the answer is relatively very simple and not so twisty and stuff because a hoodie simply happens to be the comfiest and stylish piece of clothing that you can pull through anytime for a casual event or something.

The simplicity of the garment lies in the fact that the making of the hoodie is fairly simple in itself and not all too complex and stuff, to be honest, the whole concept of a hoodie was to make a super comfortable and stylish sweatshirt that has everything from comfort to style and too with a hood. And that’s how the hoodie was brought into existence, just like that and so. The best part about a hoodie is that you can pair it with almost anything and still look awesome. fleet maintenance software

Types of Hoodies

The hoodie primarily comes in two main kinds or types, whatever you may consider. The zip-up hoodie and its brother the pullover hoodie. Let’s talk about both the hoodies in more contexts and in more volume.

The zip-up hoodie can also be considered the good or the simple because obviously, it comes with a big front zipper that makes it open to the world. And at the same time, the hoodie is also one of the most purchased hoodies around the whole globe because of the fact that the making  of the hoodie itself makes it fairly and relatively easy to put on and take it off, just like that. Things get in real style when you take it for flannel and pair it up with a cool and clean pair of jeans for an urban look.

The hood adds more and more volume to the style of the hoodie itself and things don’t even end here; the hoodie also gives you complete access and full liberty to the so-called side pockets that have got enough space to fit in two hands and relax then while you walk in style. And what more do you want from a hoodie that was made to make you look more and cooler.

The best part is where you can just leave the zipper all open and walk like a true style icon with the wind blowing back the hoodie like flaps and that is totally what you want to be getting a zip-up hoodie for.

The pullover hoodie

Next comes the second and the coolest brother of the hoodie family that is insanely as cool and awesome as its other half-brother. The pullover hoodie can be called the simpler one as although it is not exactly as simple and easy as the other brother but still it can be considered one. Let’s start with the basics of the pullover hoodie. The hoodie is more or less a big and comfy sweatshirt that was kidnapped by the hoodie family and was nurtured and grown as their own and thus came the pullover hoodie. Seriously, the hoodie can be worn over just like a t-shirt and taken off, just like that.

The fact that the big front zipper is absent in the hoodie is rather sad but what gives, look on the bright side, as you are getting a big and way bigger front belly pocket which is more like a big kangaroo pouch for your stuff and to rest your hands, just like that.


The biggest perk of the hoodie is that you can pair it with almost anything that sits in your closet and still look pretty stylish and cool, ten times. The fact that the hoodie has a hood too that covers your whole head up and gives off a cooler look and that you can flaunt it big time.

The most stylish look is when you wear just the hoodie over distressed blue ripped jeans and go out on the streets, now that is sure to give your pretty dope and cool boyish and punk look. You can also wear something under the hoodie or just a plain and simple t-shirt but if the outside’s cold then you must have to be wearing at least something underneath to get the heat inside and to stop from shivering, big time.

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