Top Trousers For Men To Style As Modern Day Formals

Top Trousers For Men To Style As Modern Day Formals

A shiny new pair of Oxfords or a succinct blazer will no doubt be heading your priority list when it comes to formal wear, however, did you know that a proper pair of trousers can be the most discreetly influential piece of clothing on you? Get it right and it will complement your attire to take your look to the next level. So how exactly does the right pair of trousers appear? Linear and smooth at all times, no matter what you’re doing. Most people just pick the most basic option available without even giving a second thought to the sheer number of options out there. That too when they’ll most likely be wearing formals for most of the week.
But you’re here because you’re not like the others. You’re doing your due research to help you make the right choice. However, what do we mean by a formal trouser?

When people say formal pants, they’re usually referring to dress or pleated pants. The latter has fallen out of grace with the current generation though, as they prefer the sleek look of slim fits over baggy fittings. Corduroys, Khakis and Cargos can be ruled out as formal trousers while Chinos at best can be worn for semi formal occasions and informal work environments. So here are some of the variations you can find for formal trousers and the suitable occasions to wear them.

  •  Pleated Trousers

If you’re looking to go the classic route, then Pleated Trousers are another flexible and evergreen option to have in your wardrobe. These are pants that are crafted in a manner to have a pleat across the front end from ankle to hip. It’s amazing how such a small detail transforms the outfit you’re wearing into vintage. You can pair it with a Cuban collar shirt, a plain white t-shirt or a men’s linen white shirt that’s rolled up at the sleeves. Dress shoes are the best options along with a light blazer to complete the look. You can experiment with sneakers if you’re feeling bold. People nowadays prefer pants with flat front ends for a tighter fit which gives a slimmer appearance. However, if your goal is to avert the gazes of onlookers from your thighs and feel comfortable in the process, then this is your best bet.

  •  Linen Trousers

There was a time when this option was considered unworthy of belonging to the men’s formal wardrobe, however, over the recent years, designers have put in a lot of work to replace shapeless cuts with tapered modern lines that complement every shape. The cotton blends have also made men’s linen trousers less prone to creases while maintaining the comfort factor. The structural shape of Linen which results in lesser thread count than cotton gives rise to large gaps in the fabric. This helps with constant passage of air that reduces excessive sweating and odour. The material is a fantastic absorbent and also loses excess moisture very quickly causing a cooling effect. This makes men’s linen trousers a great modern addition to have. Lastly, it’s even eco friendly. Talk about modernity!

  •  Chinos

If you’re unsure about what to go for, then Chinos are also a lovely option to glance at. Chinos are considered semi formal pants for men. They’re also referred to as Oxford pants and are considered the best slim-fit pants for men. These pants are best paired with men’s white linen shirt and casual jackets since they work best in a more casual work environment. Although overall they’re relaxed, flexible and fairly easy to style with anything. For those humid days Chinos offer the middle part of not feeling too heavy but not looking too casual either. Black shirt paired with grey chinos look great for work as does pairing pastel coloured shirts with beige chinos. If it’s an event that requires some dressing up, then darker colours like navy blue, charcoal and black are what you should be going for. Stay away from burgundy, cream and olive green as those options are fit for a casual day out.

  •  Dress pants

Dress or suit pants are the type of trousers that are supposed to fit comfortably around your waist even if you wear a shirt tucked in without a belt. The often used combination for these pants are black pants paired with a white shirt and a checkered tie. Going for brown pants along with a bolder tie will make for a more eye-catching look in the corporate environment.

  •  Slim-Fit trousers

These can be summed as corporate skinny jeans – the most preferred option when it comes to modern formal trousers. Black, charcoal or navy coloured pants for office or semi-formal events alike. Unlike men’s linen trousers, however, you need to take care about the fitting and sizing of these pants or may end up looking and feeling fairly uncomfortable in public. The key here is achieving balance as it’s that slim and tapering nature of the pants that spice up your formal look. If you’re feeling bold, you might even try out some lighter shades.

  •  Other Options

Other options include wool trousers, cropped trousers and high-waisted trousers. While normally wool trousers serve as a replacement for jeans, for the kind of pants you can wear anywhere – style it with Brogues or Oxford and a jumper to get that corporate look going. Cropped trousers are an interesting option to spice up your corporate look if paired with a men’s linen white shirt and a grey blazer. These allow your ankles to breathe in the summer while also allowing you to show off those fancy socks. High waisted trousers are possibly the oldest formal pants option on this list. Classic in design – there aren’t many ways to style with this. Done right, it can set you apart from the crowd but there’s a much higher chance of just looking like you’re wearing an anachronistic costume. Getting the length and cut is of utmost importance.

Having said that, no matter what option you pick it’s important to get the length right. What else to consider? Your body type. If you want to pull attention away from your legs then pleated trousers is your answer. If your legs are in great shape then Chinos would look great on you. If you’re a tall individual with long legs then suit pants would be most fitting. Slim fit trousers would work well with the last two categories too. men’s linen trousers are a safe and comfortable bet, no matter what type you are. Not to mention, it’s very trendy nowadays. If you are considering this option, then we suggest going through our collection and pick something out to level up your formal look.

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